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So close! (Tractor update)

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So two Saturday’s ago my neighbor and I discovered the safety switches and/or the ignition was bad. So I decided I should go hunting with a shotgun and just buy them all new so I can get it working.


So last Saturday I went to the place and got a new ignition but they only had one safety switch out of the three I needed. So I hoped that one of the older ones were still good.

I get home and put in the ignition, the new safety switch, the best looking old one, and took the seat switch and just combined them all together (three wires). Of course, I made some progress, but the best old switch had to be pressed so far in, the we had to zip tie it down. Then it finally died, then the fuse went too.


So now with a new fuse, I made some phone calls, and I have another new safety switch coming in this Saturday. Hopefully it’ll start, as the backyard looks like a jungle.

Fingers crossed!

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