So it's summer time and that means yard work. My landlord left a lawn mower here (it's so finicky) and my awesome neighbor gave me a chain saw that he had lying around (for cutting up fire wood, we live on a campground).

Now a couple of weeks ago another neighbor lent me his trimmer, but I haven't seen him since. My grandpa has a trimmer, but it hasn't been used in 5 years and I have little to no experience working with any kind of engine. Plus, my wife and I would like our next step in life to be owning a house, so I think it would be best to actually purchase a new trimmer as a future investment, then keep it alive as long as possible.

So my question is this, what would be a great trimmer for <= $200. I also would like to know what's a good, decent brand; and which ones I should stay away from. Also; gas, battery, or corded? Let me show you what I'm working with first.

Here is the house we're living in. Ignore the dumpster, my landlord is re-shingling the roof. But you can see how wide the lot is. Our house is on a hill, fyi.

Here's a side view. My house is the one to the left. There's an empty lot behind us. It's own by my landlord, the brown house in the background, and the camp. Now here's the fun part, no one really knows the boundary lines. That being said, no one else actually mows it besides me. Now besides 2 to 2.5 hours it takes me to mow both lots, I really don't mind it. I spend most of my workday in an office, so it's nice to have a reason to go outside.


Here's a view from behind. The lot is big enough to build a house on it.


As I mentioned earlier the house is built on a hill. And from the pic below, it's clear that the road has a lip. The lawn mower doesn't like it. It shouts, spits, and dies every time. Or shoots rocks at my face or legs. That's fun too.

So guys, what trimmer / weed whacker would be a good suggestion? Good brand names? I'm thinking it should maybe be gas.


As a thank you for looking, here's Lucky watching over my house. Viscous looking, isn't he?