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Did my first oil change!

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So, I just did my first oil change, ever. Period. Not on my car, but for the Craftsman tractor in the pic, the one that apparently had too much oil in it. Why I am so proud and you should be too? Let me tell you then.


Pure and simple, I hate my hands feeling dirty. I can handle some stuff on them, but if they even feel dirty, or I think there is a possibility that it could be dirty, I stop what I’m doing and wash them. I can’t help, I need them to feel clean, compulsively.

Most people don’t even know I’m like this, as I hide it very well. I go out of my way to make sure I’m not in a situation where they get dirty, or I have a way to clean them asap.


And here I was, on a Saturday morning, doing a oil change. Sure, I patted them down ever once in a while to take off excess oil, and to prevent the tools from getting too dirty, but I did it. I didn’t officially clean my hands until it was all over.

I am proud of my accomplishment today, :).

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